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Everquest II

When I took on this project I hadn’t really considered all the coordination involved in getting a single MMO review finished, but the first one has finally been uploaded!

For our first show we have the privilege of interviewing Karen from Shut Up We’re Talking and EQual Perspectives. She allowed herself to be grilled pretty heavily on the ‘noob’ experience and knowledgeably answered a ton of questions about the game.

Here’s some of the links she mentioned.

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You can find Karen at:

I hope you enjoy the show~!


Comment from john
Time September 10, 2008 at 12:09 pm

Love the show but one piece of advice: select your noobs better. While he was very nice and was trying to help you out, it was clear that he is jaded on mmo’s and really had no desire to try a new game or play an mmo. Heck he did not even try to explore anything or do anything that took any thought at all while at the same time complaining those things do not exist. If you select a person that is already professed that he has no time or desire to play an mmo, then how can we expect decent trials on thier part? All he says is that he does not have time to do anything for craps sake! get folks who have some desire to actually try new games not folks doing it as a favor to you. This podcast has great potential if you make that change. I am listening to the wrap up and even you said you thank him for putting himself through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get folks that are not fanbois or jaded, but folks that are open to playing a new game .

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